Design Thinking for Creativity & Innovation
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“Design Thinking with a focus on Art & Business for Diageo India”

A fun filled 8-hour session conducted to a 30+participants led by the Principal Consultant, Saveen Hegde along with India’s top ventriloquist, Indushree.

The Design thinking session for the high spirited participants can be summarized in 5 key phases:

Understand: In this phase, individuals understand the team and set the problem space.

Observe: Participants gain an outward view and form empathy for the users and stakeholders. build design thinking strategy and capability in an organization to define the organization’s design journey.

Define the perspective: This phase serves to define the point of view, and interpret through empathy study. The knowledge gained from this is collated and summarized.

Ideate: The team collaborates with the selected ideas and shortlists a workable solution.?

Prototype: In this phase, the team develops prototypes of a big idea and analysis financial risk in the development of the concrete solutions.

Finally, we help you create action plans for real work projects and provide post-program coaching, so you can successfully execute the innovation.