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“Conceptualized and executed the “Innovation Day” for 200+ innovative minds from India’s most successful consumer brand in order to re-focus on building the culture of innovation.”
India’s fastest growing consumer brand with over five verticals that includes watches, jewelry, perfume and eye-wear, felt the need to sustain the “culture of Innovation”. The leadership team felt the need to re-focus on the need for innovative thinking in the organization. Hence reached out to Unbox to kick-off the process for the same. The challenge was to create the enthusiasm among-st 6000+ employees to learn, apply and contribute innovative ideas to make the organization more future focused.
The Big HMW Challenge
How Might We rebuild the culture of path-breaking innovation for the workforce of India’s fastest growing consumer brand?
Unbox Solution
Unbox developed the entire program using the ‘scaffolded social learning experience’, a method of combining both formal and social co-created components into one coherent learning narrative. Using Design Thinking, a flagship program was constructed with 4 stages of Innovation: Insight, Identify, Ideate and Implement.
The path breaking engagement elements were:
1. Custom-built Innovation Kit
2. Revolving Design Thinking Cube
3. Life Size Maze
Each participant started the journey by walking through a custom built maze, and then followed by high energy seminars and intensive breakout sessions using the Unbox tailor-made innovation toolkits. After the successful Innovation Day, a Structured Intensive Program was released to learn and apply the structured innovation process for five batches. The exclusive learning experience was developed using ethnographic research, comprehensive Design Thinking toolkit and power packed storytelling process.
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