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“Empowering global leaders of a multinational technology corporation in shouldering the responsibility of increasing employee engagement in the 21st century workplace”

With the rapid evolution of the modern workplace, the constant challenge is to engage the employees and create a platform to go beyond the boundaries of standard employee engagement activities. When the Global HRBP team of a Multicultural Technology Consulting firm with over 2,00,000 professionals in 40+ countries, reached out to Unbox as their consulting partner, they wanted the Global Business Leaders to embrace the principles of personal connect, open communication and empathy in their employee engagement process.

The Big HMW Challenge

How Might We empower the global leaders of a multinational technology consulting corporation, to shoulder the responsibility of increasing employee engagement at the 21st century workplace?

Unbox Solution
Unbox team lead by the Principal consultant – Saveen Hegde, delivered an engaging learning experience for the 50+ cross functional Global People leaders. Unbox’s unique 5-stage Design Thinking framework was used to ensure the Global leadership team addressed the custom-built Six Unique Challenges and developed a futuristic employee engagement formula. The action plan with the START-STOP-CONTINUE process was presented by each of the six teams to the Global HR Business Partners. The results of this approach were highly valuable and helped every individual leader identify and realize the specific action items that they have to START, what are the process they want to STOP or modify and the best practices they want to CONTINUE , thus aligning themselves to the vision of E =MC2 50+ cross functional Global leaders from the Tech Consulting firm were the target participants, were divided into 10 Cross functional teams learning and implementing 12+ tools, with 16-hour intensive learning, 4 gamified ideation tools and 1 Strategic Start-Stop-Continue Pitch.
hours of pre-engagement research work
hours of pre-engagement ethnographic conversations
hours of learning engagement
leaders participated

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