How did we enable the leadership team of a swiss-headquartered, global financial services firm to take high quality decisions faster?
Hours of Consulting
focus areas
We collaborated with the India team of one of the leading financial services firms to facilitate a Leadership Offsite for building their Org Strategy. We conducted in-depth ethnographic research and analyzed their internal surveys to shortlist the following 3 focus areas:
  1. Work together to achieve the India Growth Plan
  2. Work and deliver as One Team
  3. Create a “Performance Culture” in the team
With the core focus areas clearly defined, we introduced the leaders to Design Thinking tools and built a collaborative space for them to focus on the future of the organization. The engagement helped the leaders resolve the key pain points such as adapting to a post-pandemic work culture and the need for increased agility to take high-quality decisions faster. The offsite concluded with the leaders building a clear action plan to bring about a sustainable shift in their org strategy.