How did we partner with the site leadership team of one of the MBB consulting firms to build a foundation for meaningful engagement with the Directors of their Global Services Hub?
Hours of Consulting
Focus Areas
The Global Services hub has 700+ team members across different departments that report to a globally spread-out leadership. They were in the process of building the India leadership team, which will comprise of department Directors, and define the team’s roles and responsibilities.​ To do that, it was necessary for the Directors to understand each other’s perspectives and challenges. ​In such a scenario, we facilitated a space for the leaders to come together, align on common principles and discuss the way forward. The objective of the program was three-fold:
  1. Facilitating and holding a space where leaders can reflect and express their gratitude to the larger GS directors’ cohort
  2. Building foundational trust amongst the director cohort by envisioning the outcome of the team that is tied together by common goals
  3. Aligning on the common principles amongst the director cohort to ensure smooth functioning of the GS hub
To get a holistic understanding, ethnographers from our team conducted a series of anonymous, open-ended ethnographic conversations. We conducted ethnographic interviews with 5 out of the 14 Directors to understand:​ · What are their department and hub level roles and responsibilities?​ · What are the challenges that they are facing?​ · What are the possible solutions to the challenges that they are sharing?​ Based on the responses and leadership discussions, we curated a customized, experiential program where the Directors came together, got an opportunity to connect with each other and understood different perspectives. We introduced a creative problem-solving framework that facilitated collaborative ideation for the challenges that the Directors came up with during the session.