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“A series of outbound experiential programs on Values of the organization for 1000+ employees of a fast-growing British multinational beverage company that sells its products in over 180 countries and has offices in around 80 countries”
A global beverage company, trading in over 180 markets around the world with offices in around 80 countries. The global shared services operations were set up in India serving over 70+ countries with 100+ entities providing world-class business services. Now with fast growing business, there was a need to prepare for growth by ensuring the values are being embodied by all the stakeholders.
The Big HMW Challenge
How Might We infuse the core values of the organisation to ensure all the employees imbibe and demonstrate these attributes at the workplace?
Unbox Solution
Unbox designed a unique Gamified learning intervention to strengthen organisational values and simulate everyday work challenges.
The key elements of the design were:
→ high energy, intensive and interactive gamified learning
→ the core values were highlighted in every high energy engagement exercise
→ practical transferability of the learning experiences to everyday work challenges

The larger than life activities are filled with energy and its effectiveness was heightened due to the scenic location. It is a perfect win-win set up where the participants could unbox themselves from the formal setting and unwind with nature.
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