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“A 200 day innovation journey for the young minds from India’s most successful consumer brand to drive a culture of innovation.”
Nearly 75% of the top executives say innovation is a priority for their organizations. An increasingly dynamic, busy and varied workplace usually hinders innovation. Innovation – not as a separate project but as an intrinsic workplace culture is essential for survival. The Target Organisation was India’s most successful consumer brand which commenced its operations in 1984, and today is the fifth largest integrated own brand watch manufacturer in the world. Over the last three decades, it has expanded into underpenetrated markets and created lifestyle brands across different product categories. It is widely known for transforming the watch and jewellery industry in India and for shaping India’s retail market by pioneering experiential retail. In this organization innovation is a way of life.
The Big HMW Challenge
How Might We facilitate creative young minds from India’s most successful consumer brand to drive a culture of innovation by solving current real world business challenges?
Unbox Solution: 200-Day Program
Unbox’ design thinking consultants worked with the leaders to design a 200 day engagement with 4-phases. The engagement process involved real-time feedback by Unbox’s design thinking experts at every stage of concept learning, concept implementation and evaluation. The 25 participants discovered opportunities in unmet customer needs and co-created new-age products and services.
hours of research
The 4 phases are shown below:
At the end of the 200-day engagement, 58 ideas were sponsored by the business leaders were successfully prototyped and tested with real-world end users. 85% of the senior leaders felt that the YLP program was successful in driving the culture of innovation in the organization.

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