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“A 9 month program on designing the delightful journey of the customer”
Urban Ladder was very successful in delivering a great customer experience on the online platform with real-time, 360-degree multi-channel customer profiles that update with every user interaction. However, to maintain the same customer experience at various customer touch points became a challenge. The management expected the field design consulting team to create a delightful personalised customer experience at every stage of the engagement.
The Big HMW Challenge
How Might We re-create a human-centric customer engagement model for the field design consulting team of India’s leading online retailer to deliver a personalised delightful customer experience?
Unbox Solution
The Design Thinking consultants at Unbox leveraged on the tools of design thinking; following a diligent 14-day discovery process to understand the workflow of the field design consulting team at Urban Ladder. The Discovery process included the work-shadow, open ethnographic conversations, and the mystery shopping approach.

The consultants at Unbox developed an exclusive customised human-centric model- C.I.R.C.L.E.
This is a 9-month engagement model validated by the leadership team at Urban Ladder. The Unbox team deployed a gamified learning approach as it increases the user engagement along with better retention and application of learning.
hours of research work
30 Hrs
Personalised bit-sized digital content
Business Impact
This 9-month engagement model was validated by the leadership team at Urban Ladder. The Unbox team deployed a gamified learning approach as it improved the customer engagement and better business results. The business impact was evident and return on investment on this program was above 20x.

“We started to notice a huge change in our consulting approach right after the first video module. In fact, we were eagerly waiting for the next modules. The digital content customized for us showcased the very minute details of our work” – Chandan, Field Design Consultant

“Each of the video modules was clear and in depth. This was the best learning module I’ve come across that is so clearly related to what we do. “ – Mahesh, Field Design Consultant

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