How did we empower Global Functional Heads from 10+ countries of world’s leading ERP providers to communicate a pivotal technology shift empathetically to key stakeholders?
Week Journey
We collaborated with world’s leading ERP providers, with regional offices in over 180 countries and an extensive global network of customers, partners, employees, and thought leaders to empower their Senior Managers, belonging to various business verticals, to effectively communicate using data. We designed and executed a 5-week long learning journey that consisted of 5 intensive learning labs integrated with one-on-one coaching for 20+ high potential leaders from across the globe. The focus areas of the learning journey were:
  1. Effective Data Representation: Presenting meaningless data as compelling insights and meaningful narratives.
  2. Empathetic Communication: Turning transactional communication to personalized connection and human-centric engagement.
  3. Impactful Delivery: Transforming dull visuals and disconnected communication to engaging interactions and captivating stories.
The learners were introduced to different tools under the POWER framework of Storytelling over a period of 5 weeks. Throughout the journey, the learners worked on presenting their current projects using the Storytelling tools. The top five presenters were selected and further coached by our Storytelling experts to present at a Leadership showcase event. At the end of the journey, the learners developed empathetic communication skills and were able to present data more effectively. In total, over 20 business stories were presented with a competitive spirit to the leadership, using the Storytelling Framework.