art of

the art of delegation

Do you face any of these challenges?
Do leaders spend time on responsibilities and tasks that others members could do?
Can leaders match people to opportunities that build on strengths or development areas?
Do leaders use methods for monitoring the progress of delegations that allow them to stay in touch without getting in the way?
“As projects advance, they become cross functional, team size grows, and each player wears multiple hats. Here, the art of delegation is the only saviour. Let’s UNBOX it.”
Delegation helps leaders in breaking the monotony of the subordinates so that they can be more creative and efficient. Delegation of authority is not only helpful to the subordinates but it also helps the managers to develop their talents and skills. A good team player needs collaboration skills. A great leader needs delegating skills. It is a unique workshop, designed and developed by senior business consultants at Unbox, which liberates participants’ hindrances in collaborating and delegating better. Unbox employs real world tools such as C2D2E Formula, A.C.T Approach to effectively combat the challenges in delegation process. The methodology used to convey the understanding of the tool is artistic in nature that ensures the learning is imprinted in the minds of the leaders.

Helps leaders:

Achieve key business results by leveraging the entire team’s abilities.
Build the team’s capabilities and capacity through developmental delegations.
Free up time to focus on mission-critical responsibilities.
Delegate with increased confidence using ‘The Art of Delegation’.


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