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“A 5 Week engagement on building collaboration through compelling and interactive narrative developed by participants using creative canvases.”
A global alco-beverage company, with a presence in over 180 markets set up the business services centre in India. After finding the business recipe for success the team went on a fast track road towards it. However with high growth comes high uncertainty and informal collaboration decreases. Collaboration is necessary to keep businesses healthy and competitive. An organisation’s greatest asset is its team and their authentic connection!
The Big HMW Challenge
How Might We actively foster collaboration by structuring a multi-discipline program into their workflow where they work closely work with their colleagues to contribute to the success of the program?
Unbox Solution
Unbox leveraged on the business storytelling model to design and deliver a 5 week Collaborative Storytelling program.

Authentic story sharing process builds a community and maintains the values that underpin its business and work culture. An organisation’s greatest asset is its team — and the authentic connection members share! A sense of community makes them feel, “We belong here!” This 5-week Collaborative Storytelling program consisted of a compelling and interactive narrative that enabled participants to reflect on their journey and recreate it on a personalised canvas. A sense of belonging develops when identities align in the workplace. When the identity aligns with the organization’s identity, the team delivers the best.
hours of pre-work
The model for Collaborative Storytelling program was as follows:
A very vital touch point was when the participants showcased proud moments in the organization using a visual story format summoning all the 5 weeks of learning. This program ensured the team shared every day experiences in simple ways and transformed the culture within the team to build a deep, authentic connection.

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